Mayank S.


Coming to Fit2fly was a journey in its right.

Having come from experience training with other personal trainers, doing P90X several times, pilates, yoga, and even CrossFit - I have a good overview of the fitness market.  I even have a special myofascial massage therapist on hand to address tight areas of adhesions and use trigger points to loosen myself up. I've done my homework! 

I knew commitment for me was never an issue.

But results and injuries were. I did CrossFit for several months at a really well rated box, but ended up injuring myself. Of course it's their job to push us to AMRAPs, but with the volume of people in class, and in the environment of competition - I ended up with a badly pulled and extremely painful neck/upper back for months.

My research kept pointing to calisthenics training as a holistic approach to working out. Built into calisthenics is cardiovascular training, strength training, core work, with emphasis on improving one's range of motion and flexibility. 

I wanted something NOT in a class - I wanted one on one attention based on what MY BODY needs to improve, not just modify to catch up with the rest. And I wanted to work outdoors to "toughen" me up, enjoy nature, and really be aspire to be a "street athlete" - with cuts and all.

Chang and Miles met me at a workout park for a free initial assessment and they had me do jump rope, pull ups, push ups and other tests to see where my current level was at. They were impressed by my 3 months of prior DIY calisthenics, and said they were excited and confident to take me to the next level.

Their knowledge of calisthenics, myofascial release, and attention to my goals of getting shredded and strong in a safe and flexible manner sold me. 

I've been working out with Chang, now for over 20 sessions at different workout parks. 

My stamina has increased, along with my strength and coordination and reduction in body fat. We are now progressing to front levers (assisted.. FOR NOW lol), but am noticing and seeing my training with Chang actually improving my metrics. First time I did a quarter mile sprint in 1:53, and as of 2 weeks back? Down to 1:35

Friends and colleagues are noticing my changing physique and I sleep better at night. I workout twice a week with Chang, with "homework" assignments given to me to complete on my in between days at my local gym. He also helps me with my nutrition on a much more "hands on" approach than my previous trainers!

What I love is the personal attention, they're always reachable, and how I get a plan tailored 100% for my body and needs. No trendy workouts or anything - back to the basics that work.

Do your own research, be smart, and be ready to make a disciplined commitment - THEN you will see change. They practice what they preach, and their Instagram profiles clearly made me want to train with them more.

If you're reading this Fit2fly - thank you guys. I'm excited to move on to the next level!