Karen K.


Can't say enough good things about these guys. I met with Chang and Bryan for my initial session and have been working with Bryan ever since. I had been looking for a means to train outside a gym and get fit again after a number of surgeries last year and I must say I've gotten more out of our training sessions than ever I did going to the gym. Bryan created a weekly program that has me in better shape than I can remember being in (I'm 47 so that's saying something). And all with very little equipment as I had requested... a few bands, couple kettlebells, couple dumb bells and TRX straps... insta home gym. They've been easy to deal with and flexible when things have come up. I couldn't be happier!

Abdu A.

Fit2Fly doesn't fool around, they know exactly what they are doing.  I have been training close to a year with both Miles & Chang and every single session is new.  There is a challenge within each workout to master a new progressive move.  You really get a tailored workout geared towards your goal based on your fitness level.  I had my fair share of training - MMA, D1 Football, P90x, Yoga, and on and on however the satisfaction I obtain from Fit2Fly session is unmatched.  Not many coaches in calisthenics business that can take someone from no bar experience to handstands and muscle ups.  Give them a try you won't be disappointed.

Mayank S.


Coming to Fit2fly was a journey in its right.

Having come from experience training with other personal trainers, doing P90X several times, pilates, yoga, and even CrossFit - I have a good overview of the fitness market.  I even have a special myofascial massage therapist on hand to address tight areas of adhesions and use trigger points to loosen myself up. I've done my homework! 

I knew commitment for me was never an issue...

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Carlos P.


Chang and Miles training sessions have an exceptional value to it! Anyone who is looking to drop some weight and get lean very quickly these are the guys to call. I dropped ten pounds and had great muscle definition within a month of attending Fit2Fly training. It is a complete whole body workout that will get you in shape whether you just want to be heathy, working for that dream body, or to be completely honest just getting ready for summer in my case. I was impressed on how they made working out such a positive and fun time! 

Pros: Melts fat off your body, lean yet extremely powerful muscles, amazing trainers, personable, genuine, motivational, and fun! 

Cons: Hard work and sweat! Lol

Diane P.


I was a client of Fit2Fly for the last year! My trainer, Miles is a kind, supportive trainer. As I gained strength, he pushed me, hard, yet continued to always be supportive and kind. I started at 15 squats and my new record was 70 squats! My legs gained definition and my glutes lifted. Fit2Fly exceeded my expectations in every way! They want you to realize your goals and are committed to being your partner in reaching them. I recommend Fit2Fly whole-heartedly! I moved out of state and will miss my workouts! Thanks Fit2Fly!! Thanks so much, Miles!!!!

Calvin T.


I'm currently working with Chang and seeing great results. After only 4 weeks, I've already made progress toward my goals of gaining muscle. 
Chang does a great job of staying in touch and keeping me motivated. Even on days we don't have scheduled workouts, he'll text to check up on my progress and make sure I'm completing my individual workouts. 
Our workouts together are excellent and I feel like he customizes everything to the needs of my specific body. Even down to the details of knowing when I need extra stretching or massage based on heavier workouts or muscle tension. 
If you're looking to get fit or gain muscle, I would definitely recommend Chang as a great trainer.

Brandon D.


Trained with Miles and Chang for almost a year now. Iv trained with alot of other trainers before, and honestly, these people are the most genuine. They care about you and really put an effort to fit their schedule for you. During trainings, they put serious attention to your form and they never slack off. Very happy with them. Highly recommend to give them a shot.

Corey J.


I've dabbled with various personal trainers throughout my life and each experience yielded minimal to unsatisfactory results, until now. I found Chang (fit2fly) through the internet and after reading his reviews and researching his company, I decided to give him a go. This was by far the best health and fitness decision I've made in my life. Before starting with Chang I had a skinny, cross country track type frame and weighed in around 144 pounds (soaking wet). I really wanted to put on some lean muscle and bulk up, and after meeting with Chang and going over my goals with him, he immediately made it his mission to help me achieve those goals. 5 months later, after weeks of meticulous and intensive training with Chang, I've amassed 12 pounds of lean muscle (currently nearing 160) and am in the best shape of my life. I've seen significant changes in my frame and have been getting flattering compliments from friends and family. I highly recommend Chang and fit 2 fly, if I could give him more stars I would. He has definitely earned them.

Mohamed M.

Trained for almost a year, twice a week in Burbank, personal training sessions with the co-founder of fit2fly; Chang. 
First session, I realized I'm gonna be pushed really hard to achieve my goals. Chang is ready to push you to your limits, challenging your body through an array of calisthenic exercises. Over all, Chang put me on the right track. 
Beside our weekly sessions, Chang used to give me workout plans to do regularly by myself at the gym, he also provided me with a very healthy diet plan.
I must say Chang is a one unique personal trainer. He is attentive to your workout goals and very knowledgeable of various exercises. Things that really shape the body. 
Chang never hesitated to give me his advice, always connected with me on the phone, you can text anytime asking anything. Chang, was available 24/7. 
Once I got on the right track, my body started to change gradually. I got more muscle mass than ever while watching my fat percent go lower and lower. 
P.S. I spent many years going to the gym and never really achieved visible results until Chang introduced me with his way of training. I'm grateful. Definitely worth it.

Joyce Y.


Chang is a great personal trainer! Super nice, patient, strikes a good balance between pushing you and keeping you motivated. He also keeps changing workout circles to keep it interesting and fun! He pays close attention to your postures (unlike some trainers who might just stand aside and count 123...). I would highly recommend Chang and Fit2Fly!!!

Kelli M.


These guys are the best! I've had a bunch of trainer dudes in my life, and Miles is so kind, works me hard, but not so macho that I can't walk the next day. I've even got postpartum issues and they are open to modifying for me so it works for me. Miles comes to my house, helps me reschedule when I need, makes me laugh and forget I'm working. Really big recommend. I'm a nice housewife who just wants her muffin top to shrink, and Miles makes it fun, no drama, and good times. I recommend with 10 stars.

Sayre G.


Chang is the man! My girlfriend got me 20 sessions as a gift and its been going so well I just signed up for 20 more and increased my days from 2 days a week to 3.  Chang has been very good about developing a program thats specific to my skill level (none) and my body type.  I have already started noticing some big changes and I feel better then ever! High recommend these guys!

Jonathan V.


Definitely a workout with these guys. Always motivating you to push yourself. Plus their ab workouts are killer! They combine a good mix of workouts that hit just about every body part. Always wake up sore the next day .

Ida J.


Workouts with Chang are great!!! They always include a lot of varied and fun exercises and I learned a lot about bodyweight training from him! He does a great job of tracking progress, staying in touch and motivating! Flexible scheduling is a great plus, I can only recommend :-) !

Sal R.

Chang and Miles two of the greatest persons anyone can meet! =) I been getting personal training from these two for a while, and I must say they are very passionate about what they do, the level of motivation these two embed in a person is far beyond amazing, I been in the best shape of my life ever since i started training with these two, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some change in their lives.

Eddie V.


These are one of the best in the business to motivate and inspire. They helped me realize how fun it is to workout by just using your body weight. And that everything in the world is there to help you reach your goal. Every time I see a sturdy tree branch I muscle-up. Thanks guys.