Chang Q. Chan 


Fitness has been the change in my life that has help shaped who I am today. Not only has it changed me physically but over all as a person through hard work, consistency and dedication. I've grown to be more confident and determined to achieve and progress day by day. Now I want to share my change with the world in an effort to help others change themselves for the best version they can be through health and fitness.

Miles D. Garcia


For me fitness and strength is first created within the mind. I believe with a strong and motivated mindset we can ultimately push our bodies beyond our physical capacity. I felt I've developed this skill set through the training and development of various fitness styles but mostly through calisthenics, beautiful strength. I have a passion to help, motivate and teach my experience and skill set with others to help them achieve any physical or mental goal. 

       We are a universal fitness company that represents and strives to promote passion, aesthetics, performance and health. Our goal is influence and inspire people all over the world that absolutely anything is possible. Ultimately, we aspire to encourage individuals to help discover and unleash their true potential by displaying the art of fitness and health as well as offering motivational products and services.

- Fit2fly


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